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ندوة في موضوع فلسطین

أهمیة الوحدة و التکاتف للنشاطات التطوعیة والمدنیة للمسلمین وداعمي الشعب الفلسطیني المظلوم


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Attendance of International Association of Justice Watch in the seminar "The Contribution of the Development to the Enjoyment of All Human Rights "

International Association of Justice Watch explained its achievements and positions by attending the seminar "The Contribution of the Development to...


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Webinar on Sustainable Security and Peace for the Human Rights of Girls and Women in Afghanistan

The International Association of Justice Watch, the Iranian NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC, hosted the webinar entitled Ayeh Zandegi,...


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Gradual genocide in Afghanistan

Afghan Girls Victims of Violence: National and International Irresponsibility and an Endless List of Regrets

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Statement by the International Dide Ban Edalat Institute for Observers of Justice on the occasion of World Social Justice Day

In every human society, The human need for justice and living in an environment where social relations are based on justice, such as oxygen is a...


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Preparing Gifts for the Salva Group

Peace on al-Hussein, on Ibn al-Hussein, on the children of al-Hussein, and on the owners of the Hussein.
The circular efforts and enthusiasm for...