Statement by the International Dide Ban Edalat Institute for Observers of Justice on the occasion of World Social Justice Day

In every human society, The human need for justice and living in an environment where social relations are based on justice, such as oxygen is a requirement of human life, the absence of which will make human life away from human form and humanity.

Accordingly, the United Nations called on the International Day of Social Justice on February 20th to address this need every day on this day and to examine each of us in our position as an attempt on the path Realizing a transcendent community based on justice?
Have we been able to at least create this mental concern in our perimeter environment, that humans regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and culture, have the rights of the Creator to be considered for all?
Social justice is one of the most sacred and supreme concepts that the Holy Quran, as one of the heavenly books, has described as one of the goals of the prophets.
In verse 25 of Surah Hadid says: "We have certainly sent our messengers with clear proofs, and with them the scripture and means of measuring the meaning and the identification of the right from the falsehood and weight of the foreign objects, so that people in the life of the world rise to justice and justice.
Therefore, the issue of justice, also with the scale of humanity, has been the main and common purpose of all the prophets, and all humanity must work towards its realization.
On this basis, on February 20th, is there an opportunity to think about what plans for the future to take further steps towards the realization of justice?
Yes, the realization of social justice among human beings, the elimination of discrimination, oppression, poverty and hunger requires a program and collective cooperation that we at the International Justice Observer Association are committed to working with the people of the Iranian justice community and, in cooperation with other nations of justice, Let's do it